Site #11: Bullfrog Creek at US 301/FL 43, S of Tampa

Less than a mile away, thick swamp conditions prevailed. The gang had to park the vehicles at the entrance to a trailer park and walk down to the bridge. Unless one chose to cut a trail (nobody did), that was the only way down to the water. The stream was much wider and deeper than the last one. Nothing about it was easy but the extra effort turned up new creatures not previously seen on the trip. Species collected/observed included:

Everglades pygmy sunfish (E. evergladei)
Least killifish (H. formosa)
E. mosquitofish (G. holbrooki)
Sailfin molly (P. latipinna)
Spotted sunfish (L. punctatus)
Chain pickerel (E. niger )
Bluespotted sunfish (E. gloriosus)
Warmouth (L. gulosus)
Bluefin killifish (L. goodei)
Golden topminnow (F. chrysotus)
1 siren
1 turtle

1 banded water snake
At Bullfrog Creek, they guys earned their keep, working in thick swamp conditions.

We never saw any live gators on the trip. At this point, Dustin was probably glad about that!


Most of the work at this site was done with dipnets. Here, Charles broke through the brush to chase some aquatic life.)

Least killifish (Heterandria formosa)

Everglades pygmy sunfish (Elassoma evergladei)

With sunset and hunger closing in, the party fragmented as everyone made a dash back to the motel. Chip nearly got his new truck stuck in the soft ground, but the extra cash he spent for the 4x4 apparently paid off for him!

Back at the motel, a few hearty souls in the group still wanted more and stopped at the Hillsborough River less than a block away.