Site #14: Tampa Bay at I-275, at the south fishing pier on the bay side, N of Bradenton

Chip reported, "On the way to this site, while on I-275, just before getting on the bridge, there was a sign that read, `LONG BRIDGE AHEAD. CHECK GAS GAUGE.' Man, what were we getting ourselves into! After crossing
the bridge (and racing a ship!), we pulled off the road and into the parking lot for the fishing pier and headed down to the shore. It was still low tide and we saw many horseshoe crab shells. David and I tried (unsuccessfully) to dig up a couple of tube anemones. This was a really beautiful spot...I think you could have walked for miles in knee-deep water."

Species collected/observed included:
Sheepshead minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus)
Goldspotted killifish (Floridichthys carpio)
Gulf killifish (Fundulus grandis)
Rainwater killifish (Lucania parva)
Red drum (Scianeops occellata)
Pipefish (Sygnathus sp.)
Mullet (Mugil sp.)
Clown goby (Microgobius gulosus)
Puffer (Sphoeroides sp.)
Pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides)
Gulf flounder (Paralichthys albigutta)
Diamond killifish (Adinia xenica) - only juveniles
Longnose killifish (F. similis)
Silverside (Menidia menidia)
Goldspotted killifish (Floridichthys carpio) (Photo by Fritz Rohde)

Longnose killifish (F. similis) (Photo by Fritz Rohde)



At the other end of the bay, the South's version of X-treme winter collecting! (Photo by Doug Dame)

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge...Chip's personal favorite (-; (Photo by Doug Dame)

The conference at Terra Ceia (Photo by Doug Dame)

From there, they turned back north to cut the return trip shorter and to try to find more pygmy sunfish for Fritz's study.