Site #5: Santa Fe River at US 27/FL 20, NW of High Springs

Working under a bridge, Harvey found the action and barrel of an 8mm Mauser and one spent shell casing in the chamber. (Somebody must have had a bad day hunting!)

Using a variety of collecting methods (including the electro-shocker), the gang observed/collected:
Banded pygmy sunfish (E. zonatum)
Bluegill (L. macrochirus)
Redbreast sunfish (L. auritus)
Spotted sunfish (L. punctatus)
Redear sunfish (L. microlophus)
Tadpole madtom (N. gyrinus)
Hogchoker (T. maculatus)
Brown darter (Etheostoma edwini) - the only one caught on the trip
Swamp darter (E. fusiforme)
Bluefin killifish (L. goodei)
Least killifish (H. formosa)
E. mosquitofish (G. holbrooki)
Sailfin molly (Poecilia latipinna)
Lake chubsucker (Erimyzon sucetta)

A curious turtle

Under the bridge at the Santa Fe River. L-R - Charles Ray (Auburn, AL), Dustin Smith (Newberry, SC), Dan Hagley (Columbia, SC), & Harvey Langabeer (Lawrenceville, GA).

Using the electro-shocker and a seine. L-R - Dustin, Fritz Rohde (Wilmington, NC), Charles, & Dan.

Shocking in the faster water. L-R - Fritz, Dan, & Dustin

Harvey found part of an 8mm Mauser under the bridge. L-R - Harvey, & Chip Rinehart (West Columbia, SC)

At that point, they decided they were ready to see something a little different. So, they headed toward Gainesville to a location that Charles and Harvey had scoped out the day before. It was a boat ramp/staging area for Newnans Lake.