Site #8: Turtle Lakes off of FL 54, N of Tampa

Allen Boatman led the way to this site, a pair of neighborhood lakes connected by a narrow drainage ditch. Although it was private property, a gentleman who lived there generously granted us access. His neighbors, many doing chores in their yards, walked over to observe all these strange visitors. They seemed quite interested in the cool little fishes being collected, and warned of a particular weedy area at the shoreline that a large gator was known to haunt. The gator remained hidden from view, probably a good thing for all concerned, although a photo would have been nice. Sig took advantage of a grassy area where he whacked a few golf balls. Species observed/collected included:

Flag fish (J. floridae)
Golden topminnow (F. chrysotus)
Least killifish (H. formosa)
E. mosquitofish (G. holbrooki)
Sailfin molly (P. latipinna)
Pygmy sunfish female (probably E. evergladei)
Warmouth (L. gulosus)

Golden topminnow and flag fish

Neighborhood drainage ditch at Turtle Lakes

Same site, different view. (Photo by Tim Clark)

At Turtle Lakes, the residents of the neighborhood took interest in the collecting.

Sailfin molly female (Poecilia latipinna)