As Sharon mentioned, 4 of us (Sharon, Steven, Casper, Bruce) got out and about on Saturday to two creeks in north Georgia. The weather was perfect, and I think we all had a good time. We started at Salacoa Creek in Gordon County, GA, just north of the Bartow County line along Rt. 411. This is a surprisingly clean, undisturbed creek with riffles, runs and pools; there were neither bluegills nor largemouth bass, always a good sign in such a creek. We found:

Alabama hogsuckers (Hypentelium etowanum) largescale stonerollers (Campostoma oligolepis, even thought I hoped for C. pauciradii...) sculpin (Cottus species, I've given up for the moment) creek chub (Semotilus atromaculatus) some types (2) of redhorse... steve says black and spotted. drum ( steve saw a distant school snorkeling) redbreast, longear sunfish (Lepomis auritus and L. megalotis). redeye and spotted bass (Micropterus coosae, M. punctatus) southern studfish (Fundulus stellifer) coosa, rainbow, striped, tricolor, black tail, alabama shiners (Notropis xaencocephalus, N. chrosomus, Luxilus chrysocephalus, Cyprinella trichroistia, C. venusta, C. callistia) riffle minnow (Phenacobius catostomus, Casper caught one) logperch, black sided ( many, many ) very possibly bronze darters, coosa (Percina caprodes, P. nigrofasciata, P. palmaris, Etheostoma coosae).

Raccoon Creek, in Paulding County, off of Braswell Mountain Road: We saw most of these to my knowledge except drum, probably only black redhorse, and no bronze darters. In addition: speckled darters (Eth. stigmaeum) gambusia bluegill.

We left Raccoon Creek just as the local suburban stoners were showing up to pitch camp and generally make the scene. I'm impressed, kids still wear Led Zep t-shirts!

--Bruce Stallsmith Huntsville, AL, US of A