Regional Report - First Half of 2012

By Josh Blaylock
Kentucky Regional Representative

As first presented in American Currents, Volume 37 Number 4, Fall (October) 2012
NANFA News Members, Events, Accomplshments and Administrivia

I started in the fall of last year as a website focused on common KY fish with basic information that was easy to locate and to promote NANFA. Recently I was contacted by an intern at the Louisville Nature Center that wanted to start a native fish display.  I helped him with the setup and directed him to NANFA and with help from the people on the NANFA forum the tank was setup and ready for fish.  I was fortunate enough to take Andy Frink & Gus Thomas out for a day collecting to get fish for the display tank at the nature center.  We had an amazing trip to the upper Green River and the Middle Cumberland.  I've been excited about the increased number of new people that are from Kentucky.  Thanks to the amazing posters from Charlie Nunziata I will be setting up a NANFA display at the annual 'Clean the Green' in August with posters, display aquarium, and flyers.