Regional Report - First Half of 2012

By Jenny Kruckenberg
Minnesota Regional Representative

As first presented in American Currents, Volume 37 Number 4, Fall (October) 2012
NANFA News Members, Events, Accomplshments and Administrivia

We took three darter hunts in May and conditions were challenging, not because of the cold, but because we had large amounts of rainfall off and on all month.   When all was said and done, we surpassed an all-time record! (For a full account of Jenny’s Darter Hunt see American Currents Vol. 37, No. 2)  In June, Konrad Schmidt and I helped with the fish portion of the ninth annual Bioblitz at the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve in northern Anoka County.  After hauling in trap and minnow nets, we seined for minnows.  We totaled up 17 species of fishes and several aquatic invertebrates.  Check out these links for informationon the Bioblitz, and Teaching/Bioblitz/index.htm  We set up an aquarium and several kritter keepers in the visitor center accompanied by NANFA and Minnesota Aquarium Society literature.