Regional Report - First Half of 2012

By Bob Hrabik
Missouri Regional Representative

As first presented in American Currents, Volume 37 Number 4, Fall (October) 2012
NANFA News Members, Events, Accomplshments and Administrivia

I put out a call to all Missouri NANFA members to have a meeting, get to know one another, and begin to lay the foundation for a strong Missouri NANFA Chapter.  Although we have not had a meeting yet, there was a positive development regarding native fishes in Missouri and NANFA participation.  The George Owens Nature Park in Independence, MO, is interested in setting up a 150-gallon aquarium that will emphasize native fishes.  The Nature Park is in the middle of a renovation and is looking to do something a little different.  They were directed to me through another NANFA member,  Jason Dattilo.  We had a nice chat about his vision and how to get started in keeping native fishes for public display.  We are planning to meet later this summer and do some field collecting.  In the meantime, he will be learning about native Missouri fishes and keeping natives in aquaria. I pointed him to the NANFA web page and told him about the NANFA members who are quite good at keeping and raising native fishes.