Regional Report - Second Half of 2012

By Bob Hrabik
Missouri Regional Representative

As first presented in American Currents, Volume 38 Number 2, Spring (April) 2013
NANFA News Members, Events, Accomplshments and Administrivia

I met with Brad Jackson at the George Owens Nature Center in Independence. This is where Jeff Umbreit, the nature center manager, is planning four large aquaria to display some of Missouri's native fishes.  This will be the largest native fish display in the state of Missouri with two 95-gallon tanks, a 145-gallon tank, and a 215-gallon tank.  The new facility will be called the DeWitt Aquarium Building and will also have classrooms to teach students about all things aquatic.  Brad and I went through a litany of items that Jeff needs to consider to keep and raise native fishes.  We also discussed fish species associations for each aquarium and set down some timelines and plans for collecting next spring.  The DeWitt Building was under construction when we met with Jeff in early December.