Regional Report - First Half of 2012

By Matt DeLaVega
Ohio Regional Representative

As first presented in American Currents, Volume 37 Number 4, Fall (October) 2012
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We had a very busy spring and recently got out electrofishing with Brian Zimmerman to confirm that Lake Chubsuckers were still present in Jackson Lake. They were, which is good news due to their status. I have also hit the Little Miami, and confirmed that the local mountain madtom populations are still doing well. Went jugging on the Little Miami one night with NANFAn Tony Branham and caught Flathead Catfish, a Snapping Turtle, and a Spiny Softshell Turtle. Also recently stocked fourteen 1-6 pound Bowfin in my pond with hopes of a good spawn next year. Went down to Kentucky, and met Josh Blaylock, and sampled. The highlights were Cumberland Plateau Darter (formerly Kentucky Arrow darter), Gilt, Channel, Tippecanoe, and variegate darters, and one Ohio Lamprey. Also I am busy working with Josh, and others planning the 2013 Kentucky convention.