Regional Report - First Half of 2012

By Dustin Smith
South Carolina Regional Representative

As first presented in American Currents, Volume 37 Number 4, Fall (October) 2012
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During a recent outing, we found the Seminole Killifish in Lake Marion, South Carolina.  After further research we discovered that this species is now established in the lake probably due to bait bucket release.  This fish has also been taken multiple times by Department of Natural Resources surveys and local fishermen.  We also led the Riverbanks Zoo staff to the mountains to collect Fieryblack and Yellowfin Shiners, Rosyside Dace, and Rosyface Chub for their new trout stream exhibit. We also witnessed both Redlip and Yellowfin Shiners in breeding masses just a couple weeks apart but sadly no photos since I didn’t have an underwater camera. We hope to get good photos this coming spring to share.