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<< This is the spotfin chub I've always wanted to see...and was featured on the cover of the Tennessee Aquarium's Riverwatch Quarterly a few years back. Its new common name must be the Turquoise Shiner? >>

Most folks still use spotfin included. But aren't they a fabulous fish!!!

Don't know where you might have heard Conasauga. We're restoring them in Abrams Cr. and have plans for the Tellico R. in the very near future. Ultimately, we hope Shoal Cr. in AL as well, but these will be from a different stock.

<<The water did not appear clear in the early sunlight and the visibility was only about 2 feet.>>

That's too bad. I was afraid all of the rain we've had would screw things up there.

<<Promising great visions beyond we loaded up for a 4 vehicle caravan to Wionna... higher up and clearer water to be promised. J.R. had told me of this place and it was only 30 or 45 minutes away. And thus began the great Saturday trek of disappointment! >>

Hey, I never promised you a rose garden! Unfortunately, the New is pretty screwed up, but last time we were there (3-4 yrs ago) collecting was pretty good. Ashy darters were almost common there!

<< Cheerful and with knowledge she showed me a tank in the center of the center filled with shiners and darters. Emerald, Blue Breast, Ashy, Greenside, Speckled... Hog Sucker, Buffalo... Rosyfins, sand? shiners. A very nice tank put together and maintained by a Ranger Rob who was on vacation. Kim feed them some typical fish flakes and we enjoyed the frenzy activity. That was cool, I like seeing a ranger(s) that really goes all out in their work and it showed with Rob's tank and her interest, knowledge and enthusiasm. Frozen blood worms kept the darters healthy. >>

Glad this tank was doing well. We helped them get the fish and offered advice, but never really followed up. All too often these things end in disaster. I'm really glad to hear this is an exception!

Sounds like you had fun despite the so-so condition of the BSF! Come up there with us to Station Camp when the water's good. You won't believe how nice it can be!

J.R. Shute, Knoxville, TN