Regional Report - Second Half of 2012

By Casper Cox
Tennessee Regional Representative

As first presented in American Currents, Volume 38 Number 2, Spring (April) 2013
NANFA News Members, Events, Accomplshments and Administrivia
In October, several NANFA members along with friends and family setup a NANFA display at the Tennessee River Rescue on the banks of South Chickamauga Creek.  We set up an aquarium with 18 species we collected to show attendees what they were rescuing. Casper designed the t-shirt for this year's 21st annual event featuring a Redline Darter.  Check out the forum account at

In November, scout troops camped alongside South Chickamauga Creek for an environmental merit badge weekend. Tennessee's NANFA Representative spoke to three groups of scouts for 45 minutes each about the fishes of South Chickamauga Creek with an emphasis on the environmental history of the Snail Darter. The presentation was given alongside a sign NANFA helped fund nearly 7 years ago.  Also in November NANFA auctioneer Phil Nixon visited Tennessee and with fellow members Bryce Gibson and Casper Cox toured the CFI facility. Afterwards the day was spent observing Saffron Shiners in some of the coldest water yet experienced, but on a bright sunny day.

Upcoming events:  June 8, 2013 is Tennessee's Free Fishing Day. A Saturday! If there is enough interest I may organize another weekend outing. I am also considering another Tate’s Hell Trip in October.