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Another great reference:
Auer, N. A. (ed.). 1982. Identification of larval fishes of the Great Lakes
basin with emphasis on the Lake Michigan drainage. Great Lakes Fishery
Commission, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Special Pub. 82-3:744 pp.
For more information on how to obtain a copy you could contact Nancy Auer at
Department of Biological Sciences, Michigan Technological University,
Houghton, MI 48831
It treats 24 families and 148 species. Some keys are included.
Scott Schlueter

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>>I am looking for any references and resources and keys to N.A.
For starters - see:
Holland-Bartels, L.E., S.K. Littlejohn, and M.L. Hudson. 1990. Guide to
larval fishes of the upper Mississippi River
Robert Wallus et al., 1990, etc. Reproductive biology and early life
history of fishes of the Ohio River drainage (two volumes out - 1.
Acipenseridae through Esocidae; 2. Catostomidae; third volume in press; four
volume nearing completion).
Mansueti, A.J. and J.D. Hardy, Jr. 1967. Development of fishes of the
Chesapeake By region.
Do you work with larval fishes ?

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