NANFA-L-- Re: NANFA-L-Next Convention?

Subject: NANFA-L-- Re: NANFA-L-Next Convention?
From: Christopher Scharpf (
Date: Thu Aug 12 2004 - 06:12:15 CDT

Thanks, Klaus, for you constructive write-up.

> I heard stories where people abandoned their children for other people to
> watch,
Stephanie and I can personally attest to that one. Dad's playing in water,
son's taking dump in woods and crying to Stephanie to bring him toilet
paper... Then later, the boy, left unattended in swift-moving water, jumps
on my back and sticks his finger down my snorkel.

> stories were people grabbed whatever fish came up in a seine, even though they
> didnt do the seining, and then when their buckets were filled returned to
> their vehicle and didnt offer to help the collector fill his.

Same guy as above. I heard that he killed most of his fish and later went
back for seconds.
Other than this one (non-NANFA member) exception, you're right, Klaus.
Everyone was kind and gentlemanly and generous when it came to sharing fish
and helping out. Heck, I wouldn't have found my way out of the mountains if
it weren't for Jim Graham leading the way.

> I personally would like to see some of the advanced hobbyists give a talk as
> well as scientists.

I know that one advanced hobbyist has been asked to speak-in-several
conventions, and has been advertised as such, but always backs out for some

Klaus, maybe *you* can give a talk next year?

Southwest flies directly from Baltimore to Little Rock, so we plan on being


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