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Subject: NANFA-L-- California
From: Mark (
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 10:59:10 CDT

Hey Dudes (m & f),

Just checking in. We are here on the other coast (no longer Lake
Erie :). Had a great trip. Really enjoyed Colorado. If you've
never driven over the continental divide, I recommend it. Utah and
Nevada were fun to see, but about baked us with no AC. Actually the
Mojave was the worst, 110 F-in-10:00 am. But it's beautiful here
near the coast. Should be able to do fish outdoors as long as they
are in the shade. So far, Malibu Creek has bass, bluegill, crayfish
and tadpoles. The creeks near our house appear to have native
minnows, crayfish and possibly Gambusia. I don't know the little
gray jobbies out here yet, but it's an inviting challenge. Need to
find some California killifish. Only seen them in pictures. If
you're in Southern CA, send me an email, whether you live here or are
just passing through. I'm in a fish desert! Well it's a climatic
desert too, though you wouldn't know it, from the greenery
everywhere. I can't imagine how many millions of gallons of water go
though peoples' sprinklers here every few days. The contrast between
the developed areas and the natural areas is striking. I'm wondering
if much of the water in these streams is runoff from peoples'
sprinkler systems. I did see a natural spring last night, though.
Already had our first fire. A car caught fire on the freeway, pulled
over, and ignited 125 acres yesterday. I've got ashes all over my
desk that blew in the window last night. Anyway, the sunshine is
terrific. Lots of new environments to explore.

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Conejo Creek drainage
California USA
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