Re: NANFA-L-- A little mud never hurt anybody...

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- A little mud never hurt anybody...
From: Lance Merry (
Date: Thu Aug 26 2004 - 11:47:35 CDT

Aye, and the other half of the story comes out. I always heard they ruined people's docks and silly stuff like that. I understand now.

matt ashton <> wrote: I think people confuse lake erie today being revived when its not. If anything it went through a trophic regime shift and that is why you see the clearer water and a shift in the species communties and abundances. There is just as much if not more phosphorus in the lake....the ideology almost getting back to the pre CWA thinking of iff it looks clean it is. Cause it AINT. Half of the center is DEAD...>D E A D DEAD. Yes they took in alot of the pollution, but they also flat out covered native mussels, and habitats for mussels. On large shelled species like washboards heelsplitters and the like you can have a couple hundred zebras on a mussel thats 125cm + across. Simple thing most they outcompete exponentially....go snorkel or scuba dive sometime in lake erie in a nice zebra infested area...totally covered...yeah, in now way was lake erie revived.

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