Re: NANFA-L-- NANFA is more than this list!

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- NANFA is more than this list!
From: Irate Mormon (
Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 22:31:15 CDT

Quoting "" <>:

> NANFA is more than a free email list server and the virtual sense of
> community it provides. NANFA is a quality publication. It's education and
> conservation grants. It's annual conventions. It's cool t-shirts. It's local
> collecting trips and grassroots conservation efforts.

I disagree, Chris. NANFA is fish people making friends and talking with other
fish people. That's it. All that other stuff is just decorative icing. The
annual conventions are simply a means to enable members to meet face to face.

Given as much work and expense (recovered) as go into the conventions, the thing
the members really like most is the down time when they get to sit around a
table and chat. Given as much of your life as you have devoted to American
Currents, the club would go on without it. I think of A/C as just another way
for members to communicate with each other (the part I like best is news from
around the club).

What do we talk about when we are sitting around a campfire, after a hard day's
collecting? The conservation status of the Pearl Darter? Yes, but also
mushrooms, shopping-in-Wal-Mart, the relative merits of different brands of
beer, trail mix recipes, etc.

So, is the email list to be an extension of American Currents, or should it be
akin to a campfire?

"my dadie raised the stuff we lived one he groed the corn to make our bread he
groed they cane to make our syrup allso groed they Beans and Peas to make soup
beans out of ... he Killed a beaf and a Sheep and two or three hogs for the
winter he diden have mutch money for anything when mother ran out of coffie
she parched chestnuts and ground them one her coffie mill to make coffie out of"
- Mrs. Marvin Watts
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