NANFA-L-- Sunfish question

Subject: NANFA-L-- Sunfish question
From: Kudzu (
Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 17:29:54 CST

I will be setting up a display tank in the next couple of months and I am
looking for some ideas on fish to put in the tank. I am interested in
keeping a community tank. Not necessarily a accurate representation of any
one river system but one that looks like it might be and obviously can get
along together.

My tank will be a 125 gallon open on 3 sides, 2 long sides and one short.
The water will enter-in-the exposed end and run to the wall side to simulate
a river current. The exposed end will have fine to medium sized of brown
gravel bottom that I collect locally. Also a stump I found complete with
roots. I may add a few rocks or other small driftwood pieces, just depends
on what looks right. This will transition into a sand substrate and planted
section for the rest of the tank (not necessarily native plants). The idea
is to start with lower growing plants working to the tallest and thickest at
the overflows on the other end.

I said all that so you would know what type of environment I would have for
the fish. I want to house some sunfish for sure. Which ones I am uncertain.
The only ones I can collect locally in the past have been very aggressive
and I don't think good candidates for a community tank.

My favorite sunnie is the Longear, Lepomis megalotis. Have caught a few over
the years but I have never kept them. How are they temperament wise? Can
they be kept with smaller fish or are they typical Sunfish? BTW I have not
ruled out just keeping them alone but that is not my first choice.

Another one I am considering is Dollar Sunfish or one of the Everglades
Sunnies. I understand they are much less pugnacious. Anyone suggest a
particular strain?

I also want to add some minnows and killies to round out the mix. Especially
like the Fundalus(sp?) strains. I want some bottom feeders too. Possibly
some darters if my set up could support them? I have not looked to close at
their requirements yet.

Sorry for the long post but I am excited about this project and looking for
some input from those more experienced in keeping and breeding natives.


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