NANFA-L-- Its been a long long time

Subject: NANFA-L-- Its been a long long time
From: Rose, Patrick PO (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 07:42:53 CST

Hello all,

My name is Patrick Rose, I once was a member of NANFA (not that I am that
special or anything) a long time ago, 96-97(ok so maybe not that long ago).
I am going to become a member again after the first of the year (2 kids and
christmas can barely afford the gas to get to work now lol) and was
wondering if there are any members that are local to my area now. When I was
a member before I was in California since that time I have tansfered around
to several different duty stations. Now close to my retirement from the
military I am wanting to get involved with NANFA again and start what I hope
to be a decent research program on the fish in my local area. I guess I need
to mention my local area now so everyone knows, I live in Moyock NC, and in
case no one knows where Moyock is (I hope everyone knows where NC is
though), it is located on the northern coast line right on the Virginia
border. Local fish for me would also include fish in the south eastern
region of VA, as well as the obvious north eastern part of NC. I also will
be collecting as far south as the SC border, when on trips to visit family.

Now that I have sort of introduced myself, can someone let me know (please)
if there are any active members in my local area in which I can be in
contact with to get better knowledge of this area, and the areas that I
might be collecting in. Also if there is not a rep. for the NC area I would
be interested in taking on that responsibility. I would like to organize
some collecting trips for this area and help getting people involved in the
organization. If there is already a rep for this area, I apologize for
asking for you job (lol), and if you need some help in this area please
inform me of what I can help do.

ET1 Rose, Patrick
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