Re: NANFA-L-- Scarlet shiners

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Scarlet shiners
From: Bruce Stallsmith (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 10:43:33 CST

Gad, that's embarassing to have written Luxilus rather than Lythrurus;
that's what happens when I write messages right before class. Yeah, it's L.
ardens and lirus (mountain shiner) both that I was thinking about as
compared to the scarlets (fasciolaris). I think they would do best in-in-
least a 20, since they can reach almost 8 cm in length. I'll have to think
this out. . .

--Bruce Stallsmith
along the rainy Tennessee
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>From: Bob Culler <>
>Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Scarlet shiners
>Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 10:21:39 -0500
>At 09:43 AM 12/6/04 -0500, you wrote:
>>As part of doing a creek survey yesterday in Limestone County, AL, I came
>>across large numbers of scarlet shiners, Luxilus fasciolaris (in a
>>tributary to Piney Creek). I was surprised when I first saw them because I
>>thought they were mountain shiners and this area would have been out of
>>known range. And then I realized that the two species were split in the
>>'90s, into fasciolaris and ardens. Anyway, I was curious if anyone has had
>>experience keeping this species. They're striking looking fish, with an
>>irridescent sky blue body and genuinely scarlet fins (at least on what I
>>assume are mature males).
>I am currently keeping some Lythrurus ardens (rosefin shiners) and they are
>doing very well. The 2 males will circle each other first thing in the
>morning and get very brightly colored, but they don't seem to hurt each
>other or other fish in the tank.
>I have only seen this fish in one small stretch of stream (Possum Creek,
>Scott County, VA) in my area. They are apparently a bait-bucket
>introduction, I have been told.
>Ranger Bob
>Holston R. Drainage
>Kingsport, TN
>"The power of humans to degrade the natural world is awesome; the
>capability to reconstitute it later is mythical."

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