Re: NANFA-L-- Alabama Shiners Follow-up

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Alabama Shiners Follow-up
Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 12:01:00 CST

the most awesome display of bama shiners ive seen was in the little river
last year in early spring. several males had gathered and were circle sparring
in a pretty intense rapid flow. i was able to hook lock my legs onto the
edging rockwork and watch unabtrusivily for about 15 minutes. the males were
circling and displaying regularly as ive often seen before. their heads were
covered and glowing w/ the translucent hot white porcleanish tubercules. their
bodies were irridescent metallic blue and gold flecked and their flagish dorsal
fins were stunningly beautifully patterned. generally a bama will display
their finage for but just a second or two... i had supposed it is hard for them
to fully extend their finage and still circle or maintain their place in
such a rapid flow. however the one super dominate male was able to maintain his
position and keep all his finage fully extended for prolonged periods of
time, many, many seconds. what a sight it was. they are certainly one of the
outstanding minnows of our continent. so strong, robust and yet adaptable to many
different habitats. i see them in many locations from tiny creeks to pools
to rivers and have kept them in aquaria several times w/ little fuss and still
have about a dozen in the cement pond that have resided for going on 3 years
now. very tough and stunning fish. a large male in an aquarium would not be
correct tho. they really need massive current to prosper and display i think.
the males in my pond were nice and tuberculed but not radiant becuase i have
only a small area of flow... which they did not spend time at. displays were
done-in-the bottom in 3' of water circling one another. an oddity to my wild
observations... but perhaps illustrates their adaptability and why they are
found in a variety of habitats. come to think of it they are similiar to my
experience w/ white tail shiners.
how big is your tubed male now? do you have a power head in there?

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