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Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- Photos of my tank
From: Kudzu (
Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 13:37:09 CST

One way to beat algae is faster growing plants. They use up the nutrients
before the algae. So extra light might-in-first aggravate you situation but
once the plants caught on it could help it.

Also it's controversial to say the least but treatments with Hydrogen
Peroxide works wonders on algae. I have use this on many tanks and never
lost or harmed a fish. It sounds terrible but it's not and it kills algae.
If you go to the Krib and do a search on Hydrogen Peroxide
you can learn a lot of the treatment and the chemistry side of it.

Jeff <*\\><

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  From: matt ashton
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  Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- Photos of my tank

  ah well that will do it...I have a 55 with half of the light you have, so
I may be buying another shop light soon. I had another single strip but the
wiring was old and melted internally and its beyond salvaging. And even with
a decent amount of plants, I had a week with about none and I have been
slowly winning long battle with algae.

  Kudzu <> wrote:
    For some reasons I can never get my Java fern to do more than add more
leaves. It never seems to grow vertically. What are the details of your
setup for the tank?

     My guess would be that you don't have enough light. Of course I can get
my Java in my 30 long with a standard strip light to put on babies. It's
just slow.

    As for my 65G in the photos it's pretty basic. I have just sand
substrate. However I have 2 - 2 bulb shop lights in the hood. So that 120(?)
watts of fluorescents light in this tank. Without lots of plants its an
algae farm! I have run DIY Co2 but I quit. So it's just fish fertilizer and
what ever is in the water. Maybe I am just lucky but I think it is all the
light. I just don't have a lot of plants that don't do well in here.

    Jeff <*\\><


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