Re: NANFA-L-- Anyone grow redworms?

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Anyone grow redworms?
From: Ray Ake (
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 13:24:34 CST

Joseph -
I use red worms as one of my food staples, well accepted in all tanks. I got my 'start' from one of the companies I found on the net after searching for red-worms etc. I got a 2 lbs - a couple thousand - for about $10.00 including shipping if I remember correctly.

I keep them in the basement year round - easy keepers, very prolific. Just a flat 'tote' (about15x24 and perhaps 10 inches high) I picked up for a couple dollars-in-the discount store. I put in a bag a worm bedding and lots of newspaper just ripped into 1/2 inch strips. (Joe Scanlon down south just uses shredded newspaper with great results) I feed mine a little instant oatmeal occasionally (Joe compost s almost all their household garbage thru his). Don't harvest any for about a month or so. I probably harvest about 250 to 500 a week-in-this point, and have many many thousands in the tote. (I divide them and start a new tote about every 6 months and then empty out the old one as feed.

To harvest, simply scoop out a mix of bedding and worms and place on plastic under a bright light source. The worms will go to the bottom. Feed what you need and use the 'soil' in your gardens or flowers etc. - after 6 months it is wonderful-l black rich worm castings.

Ray - Ohio
On the East Branch of the Vermilion River
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