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Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- crappie feeding
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Canal is around 8 to 10 ft wide and-in-the deepest part it might be around 8
ft deep. There is alot of shollow areas with rock and alot (ALOT) of mud in
it. I just used a old mason jar and dipped it down in the edge of the water
without stirring up to much mud and getting to much algae in the jar. I
would not say that the entire thing is covered in algae but the water is
pretty green along the side of the bank. Depending on your location you
could come down and catch some yourself, or we could work something out, if
you wanted a bunch. I will say that is the only time that I have been to
that canal, because it is rather hard to get to for anything other than
walking down to the edge that I was-in-and playing in the algae.
Since you grow them-in-home,
These are the same things that I tried to grow a few years ago, thinking
that they were rotifers, and did so unsucessfully. How do you take care of
yours and what do you feed them. I used lettuce leaves and it didn't work,
I think it might even have killed them.

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Thanks professor for the info I will look them up and find out more about
them now.

That really is great to be able to catch those things as many as you want
from the wild. I grow daphnia and cyclops and it's not east to get enough to
do any real good. What are the conditions in the canal you catch them from?
fishless? This fall I did get a chance to cash in on some fairy shrimp and
clam shrimp but they are too big for fry.


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