Re: NANFA-L-- Update on Crappie feeding

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Update on Crappie feeding
From: matt ashton (
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 19:05:10 CST

What about trying something a little larger like Gammarus or krill? Could always set up two 10 gallons get some guppies and let them go nuts and use the other to grow them out fast. Alot cheaper, dont have to worry as much about introducing something into your fish from the feeder. Something to try too, because well I had this wonderful advantage-in-my disposal....See if there is a lab that does toxicity testing close by. They produce more Fatheads than they need for their testing, and may be willing to get rid of fish that would otherwise go to waste, or they need to get out of their breeding pool. It's a thought...worked nicely for me since it was in the basement of the office :-) and I could just go downstairs with a jar and get what I needed.

Kudzu <> wrote:As I said earlier I think I have black crappie but not certain. I got the fish two weeks ago. Neighbors pond overflowing from all the rain and washing fish out of the oveflow. They were in my tank for 5 days and they ignore all dry foods so I got some feeder fish for them.
It's been a week now and I have added no more fish since I kind of overfeed them. I was thinking that I didn't want to keep buying feeders right now so I decided to try some freeze dried Brine shrimp I had one more time.
I have a power head in one corner of the tank pointed-in-the top of the tank aimed-in-the surface for water circulation. As the B.S. start to sink the current blows them to the opposite side of the tank and then they sink and start back toward the intake on the power head. So far they have ignored them but tonight-in-least two of the fish are taking them! Since they are shy fish I have left them alone with some more shrimp but I am excited they they have taken something besides live fish!!
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