RE: NANFA-L-- So much for education...

Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- So much for education...
From: Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 15:09:23 CST

>>> I was rather looking forward to the
newsletter too.<<<

As any member can tell you, "American Currents" is NOT a newsletter - it is
a unique, substantial, eye-catching, and authoritative publication that is
carefully crafted to meet the mission of its parent organization and the
needs and interests of its very specialized readership.

"American Currents" is the ONLY magazine devoted to North American native
fishes that regularly addresses conservation, natural history, and
hobby-oriented themes. Issues now run in excess of 30 pages. There are
typically 20 or more photographs, drawings, or figures per issue. Layout is
clean and visually appealing; text is concise and well-edited. Articles are
written by professional biologists, part-time naturalists, veteran aquarists
-- and submissions are encouraged from all members.

The most recent issue contained feature articles of impressive taxonomic
and geographic scope: sunfishes of Pennsylvania, lampreys of Wisconsin,
American eel of the North Atlantic, shiners and darters from Alabama,
logperch from the eastern US, and desert fishes from the west. Those
articles included fascinating ecological observations, historical accounts,
and breeding tips. And that was only three-quarters of the Fall AC. There
were numerous shorter items on captive propagation of endangered minnows,
new species of pupfish and silversides, aquatic invasive species, a list of
recent fish publications and how to obtain them, the dangers of flathead
catfish, the utility of crayfish traps, membership news, and information on
the upcoming convention.

Receiving "American Currents" makes membership in NANFA one of the greatest
opportunities for fish enthusiasts that I know of.

In my opinion, caring about native fishes and NOT receiving American
Currents, would be like loving books and refusing to visit the library.

- Jan Hoover
  Vicksburg, MS



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