Re: NANFA-L-- Red worm eggs?

Irate Mormon (
Tue, 1 Feb 2005 23:31:44 -0500

Quoting Sajjad Lateef <>:

> I setup a couple of cultures of red worms. Of late, I notice
> that fewer worms are seen when I open the container. However,
> there are lots and lots of white specks (smaller than a grain
> of sand, oval - to my eyes). Are these red-worm eggs? These
> individual specks are all over the substrate, walls and cover
> of the container (i.e. not laid in clumps).

Sajjad, this sounds a lot more like arthropod eggs than redworm cocoons.
Especially the bit about them being on the walls and cover of the container. I
think you need to start a fresh, sterile culture.



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