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> << The trick is feeding very little, otherwise the leftover food
> spoils the culture. >>
> I find just the opposite -- the more I feed the more worms to
> harvest. The
> cultures can spoil and need renewal every few weeks.
> Lee Harper
> Media, PA USA
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Hi Sajjad -
I kind of fall with Lee here, I don't ever seem to have a problem with
overfeeding causing any difficulties. I have never had the little white
pellets/eggs/cocoons or whatever either. You commented earlier about
drainage - I have two colonies, both in large plastic totes. Neither
have any drainage holes in the bottom, just the vent holes I drilled in
the tops. my bedding is moist not wet. When I divided the first one
(overpopulation! more worms that I was feeding - a sure sign its time to
go out collecting and set up another species tank or two) I thought that
the bedding in the new one was a little wetter than I wanted - I simply
ripped a newspaper into 1/4 - 1/2 inch strips and added them to the
bedding to absorb the extra moisture - the worms find newspaper a fine
additional bedding. My basic food is simply Quick Oats breakfast food
from the grocery - the kids won't eat it so why let it just sit there. I
just sprinkle a handful on the surface. When it's gone add more. They
also get occasional table leftovers, but personally I find it a bit messy
and even in the basement an occasional fruit fly is attracted. Anyway,
don't give up, sounds like just bad luck.

And, tell herself Mark that there are lots of other wives out there.
I've been regulated to a small basement refrigerator because of escaped
worms, but what really gets her is when a couple of crickets escape . . .
. .

Ray - Ohio
West branch of the Vermilion River watershed
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