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Chip Rinehart (
Tue, 8 Feb 2005 14:52:26 -0500

A couple years ago when Nick Z and Jeff R were here in SC, we were-in-a
creek and I was describing how it looked upstream and used the term "up
yonder". I wish I had a picture of the look on their faces while trying to
figure what "yonder" was.

Chip in SC
Saluda/Congaree/Santee drainage

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You must have known this was coming!!!!!!! I must defend the good
folks of Georgia (one being myself, born and raised). I have never
uttered the phrase you'uns, nor have I ever conversed with anyone who
uses this term. "Ya'll" on the other hand is a perfectly usable word.
I use it with a certain amount of pride, and will continue to, even if
some of my northern associates slight me for it. So remember PLEASE,
not every person from the south uses such jargon, and a few of us even
have an education...... (All in good humor, of course!!!!!!!)

John R. Knight
Way down "Yonder" on the Chattahoochee, GA (although I still hold to my
Tallapoosa roots)

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