NANFA-L-- minnow & sucker photos wanted

Christopher Scharpf (
Sat, 12 Feb 2005 15:50:39 -0400

Rick Mayden of St. Louis University has asked NANFA for some help.

He received an NSF grant to work on Cypriniformes (minnows, loaches,
suckers) of the world with respect to phylogeny of 1000 species, some other
research, and outreach and education on them. It's called the Cypriniformes
Tree of Life project (CToL). Dr. Mayden requests the use of any photographs
of Cypriniformes species underwater, in tanks, etc., from NANFA members.

These photos will be be put on the web under an educational page as to
species diversity and can be found by users by searching on taxa, region,
common names. See:

Ideally, these would be photographs of species not already on the web, or of
better quality.

Would you be willing to contribute photos for use if you were given full
credit? Locality information would be a bonus. If you want to put your name
on the image, that can be arranged.

Additionally, the people from FISHBASE have also asked that we contribute as
many photos to populate their data files on Cypriniformes. Frankly, the
photo representation for North American fishes is absolutely poor and they
need photos. Check their site; they are good-in-documenting images and
crediting people.

If you have any photos of minnows and suckers, please forward them to me at and I will handle the rest.

Thanks muchly,

Chris Scharpf

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