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Irate Mormon (
Wed, 16 Feb 2005 18:28:06 -0500

Quoting "" <>:

> I don't "believe in" evolution. Instead I accept the theory as the best
> available scientific explanation of the facts as known. That's the way
> science works. We don't have beliefs. We have conclusions. Of course,
> among the facts to be explained are such things as the fact that the kinds of
> fishes on earth today are quite different from the kinds that were on earth
> back in Silurian and Devonian times! Some consider theories something to be
> "believed in," like having faith. Oh, well. Better drop it, the lists
> managers prefer that we not discuss such matters.

I'm chomping-in-the bit here, but even I have sense enough to drop it! Let's
just say I'm a born skeptic (of almost ANYTHING that's taken for granted) and
leave it-in-that.


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