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My invertebrate zoo professor kept a 10-gallon steel framed tank on a bench near
the window (did not receive direct sunlight due to the height of surrounding
buildings) in the lab. It had been there for 20 years, she NEVER changed the
water, just added aged water to replace evaporation. It had snails, ghost
shrimp, and guppies in it, and had been self-sustaining that whole time. I
donated a tin of flake food to the "cause" a couple of times. I remember
vividly watching her dump this huge clump of flake food into the water and
STIRRING IT INTO THE WATER with her hand! Anyway, there was some val in the
tank, about 1/4 inch of gravel, and no algae to speak of. No hood or filtration
of any kind - just a tank with a little gravel on the bottom, and of course,
athe ghost shrimp were perfectly happy and reproducing without the assistance of
a special iodine supplement. They probably got enough iodine from the flake food.

I wouldn't have thought that FW shrimp needed iodine like their SW counterparts.
There's plenty of it in seawater, but where do FW shrimp get it?

> i too would like to see ghost shrimp reproduce in my tanks.
> they are interesting little critters.
> i find them local in chattanooga tho which i thought was suprising.
> they will often soon dissappear when i put them in planted tanks. ?
> my best success has been in keeping them in outdoor pools... they even make
> it thru the winter... tho dont reproduce.
> in my bottle tank experiments they only last a few months.
> hum... iodine. i will try that.
> i do have one giant freshwater shrimp in a heavily planted and populated 55


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