Re: NANFA-L-- shortening wintering period(E. gloriosus) possible?

Mark (
Sun, 9 Jan 2005 23:00:52 -0500


If you bring them in, warm them up and give them long days and good
food, they will probably go nuts for you. I am of the opinion that a
brief wintering is sufficient, if it is even needed-in-all.
Although, you should get the best condition and breeding color by
mimicing their natural seasons. That of course will vary depending
on where your fish originated. E gloriosus ranges from Pennsylvania
all the way to central Florida, so that can vary _widely_.

At 6:35 PM -0800 1/9/05, Joseph S. wrote:
>I've been wintering E. gloriosus(one definite pair-also have 2 or so
>juveniles) in hopes of breeding them. Its January by now and they have
>not been fed by me since November. Currently in a container packed
>with java moss.
>Just curious but has anyone tried shortening this cooling period? I'm
>a bit nervous about keeping them cold for so long. The plan, of
>course, is to breed them in spring-dunno if shortened time will make
>any difference.
>Opinions or experience appreciated.

Conejo Creek drainage
California USA
...where our dry riverbeds have become raging torrents of mud!  At 
least there is water in them now!  :)

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