Re: NANFA-L-- shortening wintering period(E. gloriosus) possible?

Bob Muller (
Thu, 13 Jan 2005 06:42:54 -0500

I had maybe 6 fish in a 20-gallon high there was a piece of drift wood lots
of java moss and hornwort. They hung out way in the back of the tank and
were hard to watch. It did look as if they were guarding nests but I never
found any eggs. Fry started to show up drifting along the glass sides,
eventually hundreds of fry. I had been taken the fry out of the tank but
they were dieing after several tries when hundreds of fry appeared I removed
the adults. I found I had hydra (first time ever) and only saved about a
dozen. The water in the fry tank had come from the breeding tank so it had
hydra too. It was sort of like pygmy
sunfish you just let it go. The breeding went on for weeks.

Bob Muller
Clinton River Watershed
Red Run tributary (the ghost river)

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