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Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- Plants with the natives
From: Chip Rinehart (
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 11:50:11 CDT

I've got cabomba, bacopa, hornwort, Nymphoides spp, spider lilies, azolla,
pickerelweed, arrowhead plant, golden club, and some kind of fern I found
growing in the water, in my ponds and streams. casper.....I'm holding some
of the seedlings of golden club, also know as never-wets, for you. It's one
of the plants you told me you wanted.

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i started w/ java moss and java fern. good plants in that they are easy to
grow, green and provide living filtration. i like java fern tied to cool
looking pieces of driftwood and stumps. i have several arrangments that have
outgrown the tanks and are now outside in the cement pond. they will be sold
or given to the local fish store this fall because java fern will not
overwinter. w/ java fern you can run undergravel filters.
inside i keep the very, very slow growing anubis. tough plant. hardy.
sometimes you have to clean off the leaves tho.
hornwort... grows in a wide variety of conditions. excellent water filter.
grows fast.
floaters... water lettuce, sprite and hycythia... ( however you spell that!
) i keep those inside in the winter and move them out in the spring where
they florish. the hycythia is blooming purple now.
val and milfoil in a kitter litter substrated florida 55 tank w/ compact
ive a mountain of anacharis in the pond... 6" tall by 12' long and 8' wide.
a great refuge.
in the shallow pea graveled end is cattails, iris, spatterdock, rushes, bald
cypress, syscamore, mint, pickeral, lilypads.
millfoil does ok in some tanks but if there is an algae problem the milfoil
will be overtaken easily.
i try everything! its alwys fun to find something new. last year there were
lots of beautiful streamside flowers. i need a bog area to take advatage of
more plants.

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