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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Plants with the natives
From: Laura Burbage (
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 14:37:39 CDT

I did it backwards a little... about 6 months ago I
started keeping the native fish with my all native
plant tanks. My plants include:
Eleocharis acicularis
Eleocharis vivipara
Eleocharis montevidensis
Nymphoides cordata
Bacopa caroliniana
Bacopa monnieri
Vallisneria americana
Sagittaria subulata
Sagittaria stagnorum
Sagittaria isoetiformis
Limnobium spongia
Mayaca fluviatillus
Ceratophyllum demersum (hornwort)
Hydrocotyle verticillata
Ludwegia palustris
Saururus cernuus (lizard's tail)
Utricularia purpurea (bladderwort)
Micranthemum umbrosum (baby's tears)
Isoetes lacustris (no, I'm not sharing...)

Plant substrates generally need to have small pore
spaces to be successful. Soil and clay under the sand
or gravel is needed for many of them. Gravel will let
mulm settle to the bottom where the plants root in it,
wheras sand keeps it floating around.

Phosphorus can definitely be a problem in planted
tanks especially when well lit. Phos-guard or
Phos-zorb work well, as does the little DI-water maker
from Aquarium Pharmeceuticals (inexpensive too, esp
over the internet). Algae can also be kept in check
with regular dosing of 3% hydrogen peroxide; 1oz per
10 gallons. I try to do this weekly or 2x/month,
unless I am treating an outbreak or otherwise trying
to improve water quality (it oxidizes DOC), then I can
treat 2x daily.

None of my setups are fancy. No CO2 used. I hate
marketing. I make just about everything from stuff at
the hardware store.


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