NANFA-L-- A New Tradition: Signatures!

Subject: NANFA-L-- A New Tradition: Signatures!
From: Mark (
Date: Wed Jul 21 2004 - 12:57:06 CDT

To kick off our newly reborn discussion forum, I would like to
propose a new list tradition of sorts. For most of us this won't
really be new, but to encourage comraderie and getting to know one
another, I'd like to begin a tradition of adding a name to the end of
each of your messages to the list. Just a first name is fine or
whatever you are comfortable with. I have found that this really
helps me to keep track of who I am listening to and responding to and
allows me to feel like I am getting to know all you good folks out
there who like to talk fish.

And to try to make this fun, interesting and fish related, I have an
idea -- how 'bout adding an identifier of where you are in the world,
and to make it fish related, how 'bout telling us what watershed you
live in? This will also help us out if you have questions about fish
you have collected, or want to collect, in your neighborhood. For
instance, I'm going to use the following signature:

Ohio River drainage

The creek that runs through our town is Apple Creek, which drains to
Killbuck Creek, which drains to the Walhonding River, which drains to
the Muskingum River, which drains to the Ohio River. This is
important to know in our county, because just to the north of us, the
rivers drain to Lake Erie, and there are different fishes in that

So anyway, I'm just hoping to get to know you all and to have some
way of remembering where you hail from and where you fish...

Ohio River drainage
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