Re: NANFA-L-- Question about Pirate perch's scientific name

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Question about Pirate perch's scientific name
From: Jeremy Tiemann (
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 07:30:32 CDT

I have heard a couple of times that #2 is more likely.

>The -anus suffix is another way of saying "of." For example,
>"virginianus" means "of Virginia." My guess is that Gilliams picked
>"sayanus" over "sayi" for one or both of these reasons:
>1) It has a double meaning, both honoring entomologist Thomas Say
>and referring to the fish's anal anatomical oddity.
>2) Gilliams and Say were friends and colleagues. So maybe Gilliams
>was having some fun-in-Say's expense, forever linking Say's name
>with the rectal orifice.
>And who knows, maybe Say was an assh*le.
>Chris Scharpf
>near Herring Run
>Baltimore, USA
>> Just wondering why the pirate perch's scientific name [species name]
>> is sayanus? Why not sayi or something that is generally used?
>> Tony
> > River system outside North America

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