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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Native Aquatic Plants
From: Todd Crail (
Date: Wed Jul 28 2004 - 10:28:15 CDT

Yeah. This is a seriously cool "purpose built" solution to filtration,
thanks for finding one in English :)

I just cleaned one of my canisters last night, and the thought of that
sponge sitting out in the tank just doesn't sit well with me :) I've been
thinking about how to reverse the flow. At this point, I'm pumping in
"dirty" water in behind using airstone uplifts and then driving the flow
through with a powerhead that has it's intake "manifold" using pvc inside
the sponge. Dunno how well it will work. It'd also be nice to have sides
and a bottom, so you could put lava rock behind the sponge too, and then
lift the whole thing out to rinse off (in tank water of course) all the
excess every couple months, like you do with a real canister.

Toledo, OH - The Mighty, Muddy, Maumee

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> Here's a good site in English. This sounds really cool, I'm surprised we
> the U.S.) haven't heard more about this.
> -Stott Noble
> Birmingham, AL
> Drainage: Warrior

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