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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- coasta rica
From: Al G Eaton (
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 01:32:31 CST

Well, I just can't stand it lol....if you all are
going to talk about Costa Rica and Panama and then
have the gall to mention Rivulus, which I like even
more than native fish if truth be told, then I am
going to have to dig out my Amazon notes, slides, dust
them off and put together my recollections with
pictures. There is even a Piranha story.

Did you all get over into Panama and find any Rivulus
uroflammeus or u. siegfriedi? I like the highland
form the best. Panama is much better for Rivulus

Give me a couple of weeks to get it together. Right
now I am working on two PPT presentations on Fundulus
and Collecting Natives and I am trying to learn
powerpoint as I go, so its a bit slow going. I have
to give two talks after Thanksgiving and have two more
scheduled in winter. Look for the travelogue sometime
after thanksgiving and before christmas.


--- wrote:

> dustin...
> i cant think of any better list clutter than a fun
> and interesting adventure
> shared.
> chris s would have to say if coast rica is south of
> the nanfa border. he had
> me draw it on the last shirt represented w/ a dashed
> line... i think coasta
> rica is a bit further south. but who cares. :) they
> are plenty close enough
> to talk fish and i wish i had been there.
> next time maybe i will get invited!
> parakeets... hum i thought they were from
> austrailia. relics must be
> established there.
> did any of you take photos?
> did anyone get sick? how was the food? were the
> locals interesting and
> interested?
> caimans? heck ranger bob picks them up with dipnets
> along the roads up near
> kingsport tn. seems like just a couple weeks ago he
> found one. still tho i
> would not wade w/ em. how big can a caiman get?
> snorkel any fresh water? im sure the ocean was
> beautiful snorkeling.
> any volcanos?
> did you research about the geography, culture and
> critters before you went?
> was english spoken?
> if coasta rica in in the nanfa range a story would
> go great in an ac.
> more details and pics please.
> :)
> casper

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