Re: NANFA-L-- coasta rica

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- coasta rica
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 08:45:04 CST

i double checked my book last night as we recently bought 3 parakeets for
the house and kids. intersting, active birds, we let them fly and walk around a
bit each day. according to the book they do hail from austrillia and also
known as budgies or budgeledears ( sp?). but i have heard of the carolina
parakeet you mention. a little cross contenintal confusion in naming i reckon.
oh yea on the caiman. ranger bob sent me a picture of his latest caiman
rustle from a few weeks back. ( i will email you a pic or to anyone who requests
it. ). those perfect dipnets really come in handy for a variety of critters.
i keep mine ready in the back of the van.
im looking forward to fritz posting photos.
beans and rice... heck thats my favorite-in-a mexi eating house. but then i
dont eat it for 2 weeks straight either. :) probably couldnt pysically or
would regret it.
i sure would like to snorkel some foriegn waters. anything memorable you
saw? a concern for me would be picking up some kinda parasite... especially if i
was way south or in africa. or austrillia. but i guess a similiar risk is
eating and drinking in those places. i still think im carrying something from
when i visited liberia years ago tho the tests say no. how do they know what to
test or look for anyway!
glad yall got to experience a bit of coata rica!

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