NANFA-L-- Creek Chubs?

Subject: NANFA-L-- Creek Chubs?
From: Dean A. Markley (
Date: Wed Nov 24 2004 - 09:21:02 CST

Last Saturday, I had dropped my basket style minnow trap into a local (Lancaster County, PA) stream to collect some feeder minnows for my longnose gar and redeye.

Came back 24 hours later to find not a single minnow but had over a dozen creek chubs! These boys ranged from 4-9 inches long. I thought, what the heck and took six of them back top toss in my tank. Well, let me tell you, these fish are wild! Everytime I walk near the tank, they go bonkers, shooting across the gravel, even digging into it! Has anyone here any experience with this?

Oh, and to make matters even stranger? One fish has tubercles (horns) all over his head. Isn't November kind of late for this?


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