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Subject: Re: { SPAM 1 }::Re: NANFA-L-- Cyprinella spawning experiences
From: Bruce Stallsmith (
Date: Fri Nov 26 2004 - 17:44:40 CST

Thanks John, I got your meaning. And thanks to Mike and Tony too, I'm
clearer in my mind where to go with this. Spawning this species isn't
something I set out to do, but I am curious.

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>From: "John Knight" <>
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>Subject: Re: { SPAM 1 }::Re: NANFA-L-- Cyprinella spawning experiences
>Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 14:49:41 -0600
>Meant, to say C.callistia (Alabama shiner) would not be difficult to
>spawn, in my opinion. Just thought I would clarify
> >>> 11/26/04 1:02 PM >>>
>Interesting you ask this question, because I do have a somewhat unusual
>experience with spawning C. callesima (Ocmulgee shiner). Several years
>ago I was collecting for the GAMNH in the dead of winter (a truely
>miserable collection day). We recently hired a new member to our staff
>that wanted some stream fish in a tank she was setting up.
>Well I was running a little low-in-that time and decided to bring home 2
>males and a female for my personal tank. My tank-in-the time was a 40g
>long with jet pumps creating a "riffle" type of habitat. Well the water
>temp-in-that time outside was ~6-8 C and my tank-in-home was room temp
>(say 18-20) for converastion sake. Well I acclimated my fish for nearly
>10 hours to get them used to my tank conditions.
>So long story short, after introducing them to my tank within weeks the
>males were tuberculate. Eventually I had fish spawning left and right
>in my tank. I observed-in-least 3 nests that I could see. Although I
>never was really able to rear them (I didn't really try). But the
>interesting point was that there seemed to be more of a thermal cue and
>not a photoperiod cue that induced spawning. The tank was located in a
>room where the only light it received was from a window and was
>obviously very similar to "natural' conditions.
>On a side note, since then I have spawned C. gibbsi quite easily. So I
>can't imagine callistia would be difficult. Stacked stream rocks in a
>aquarium associated with some flow seems to work well for me ( along
>with a temp change or maybe a photoperiod change). My two cents worth
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