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Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 15:21:27 CST

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> Now if your municipal system adds chloramine, the thiosulfate will
> liberate ammonia which is also toxic and can be eliminated by adding
> Amquel after t
> he thiosulfate. Some people neutralize the chlorine and let it sit 24
> hours to
> help eliminate the ammonia. I prefer to just remove everything with an in
> line
> carbon filter.

I'm in the in-line carbon filter gang myself. After the City of Sylvania
did a "flush" on their water system, which sent pounds of rust and all sorts
of nasties my shop's way... Which of course was the day I did a massive
water change on my freshwater system, and killed about $3,000 retail in
fish... I don't leave anything open for the city to mess up.

Their comment "Unless it's staining people's clothes, were not worried about
the iron content." The guy who owned a bar across the street was whining
about it turning his sprite and ice cubes funny colors. I brought him a bag
of fish.

Now that doesn't make the carbon filter as the end all solution, unless you
put an RO membrane behind it. I miscounted my gallons one time (carbon
only) and killed some pretty important fish with a water change. It'll
still block the heavy particulates, but it looses its reactivity to chlorine
over time. So now I use the inline and then dump in a treatment for good
measure. The water coming out of the inline makes a nice swirl in the
bucket or trash can, and mixes it well.


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