RE: NANFA-L-- Farmer's Travels

Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- Farmer's Travels
From: Bruce Stallsmith (
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 22:35:57 CST

Ashy darters, you say? That would be really impressive since they're found
in main river channels. But I'm glad you found TN snubs, I take them for
granted now in relatively highland streams. Come down this spring and we can
go find some bluesides in color.

--Bruce Stallsmith
The slowly cooling Tennessee
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>From: "Todd D. Crail" <tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu>
>To: <>
>Subject: NANFA-L-- Farmer's Travels
>Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 23:14:18 -0500
>Greetings gang. I'm just back from the lovely state of Tennessee. I need
>to spend more time in that state, and the Appalachian south in general.
>Sarah and I were fantasizing about the future, getting a job-in-a school
>there along the way in Kentucky... Not so far that it's an annoying drive
>to see relatives back up here in Ohio, but right on the brink of all that
>biodiversity stacked up in those hills (I couldn't believe all the
>salamanders!). If I _had_ to take a position at, say, Maryville College, I
>wouldn't put up much of a fight ;)
>Our destination was Wears Cove on the northwest end of the park between
>Pigeon Forge and Townsend along SR 321. I had hoped to get into both the
>Little and the Little Pigeon to find some darters for my displays and-in-
>the Lake Erie Center that are imperilled or extirpated up here, but common
>down there. I also really wanted to see a tangerine and a blueside. And
>should chance play nice, an ashy darter wouldn't upset me either.
>Unfortunately, there had been heavy rain in the area prior to our
>arrival... Everything was dangerously flooded. I guess it's going to have
>to be next time to see these species. In the meantime, it was a real trick
>to discern what was just flash water, and what were real streams.

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