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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- plants and soil
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Date: Mon Oct 04 2004 - 21:54:01 CDT

I tried to get a picture of this this weekend but failed miserably...

Most rivers around here are fast flowing and crystal clear. The
exception is the Connecticut river which is big and kinda tea colored.
It's nothing compared to some of the rivers I saw in TN where
greenwater and tanins seem to compete, but still different than the
rest here. Near my house is a place called Lyman Point park where the
Connecticut and White rivers meet. There is a very clear line where
they meet where clear water meets brown. It's very cool. Something
nags at my brain saying that there should be a dilluted buffer between
them but there really isnt. I'm not sure why and it doesn't show up on
pictures taken by my camera, so you all will just have to either use
your imaginations or visit me :)

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 Yep, it looks like tannins to me, kinda weak though, you should see
the North East Cape Fear River! Talk about black water! Even sunlight
only penetrates a few inches! At ten feet the water is completely
black, you have to hold a light up to your mask to see it!
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