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Date: Wed Oct 06 2004 - 14:22:26 CDT

RE: NANFA-L--Caviar BytesJan:

Thanks. I see you're way ahead of me. I sure wish I didn't like
the damned stuff so much. :-(

Since I became aware of the threat to the sturgeons in the
Caspian Sea, I've avoided buy any caviar from that source.
The prices sure made that decision an easy one.

Maybe I'll try to cultivate a taste for salmon "cariar," which
is nowhere near the same in either taste of consistency.

Or maybe I should consider becoming a vegetarian...


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  Bob writes:

  Translating the per ounce prices into per pound prices emphasizes what is
  the unfortunate poaching which has threatened to drive the Beluga sturgeon
of the
  Caspian Sea to extinction. (See below)

  Beluga sturgeon $1728-$2,000 lb.
  Russian sturgeon $640-$848
  Stellate sturgeon $544-$688
  White sturgeon $480-$880
  Shovelnose sturgeon $224-$496
  Paddlefish $224-$496
  Bowfin ('cajun caviar') $96-$224

  Jan responds:

  Bob -

  ....and could threaten our North American ganoid fishes as well.
Compounding the problem are recent rave reviews of the flavor of our
domestic caviars. Public favor may not be much of a problem for white
  ( but it could present a
real threat to wild populations of paddlefish and sturgeon
  ( the caviar from which is now
described with words like "smooth," "silky," "buttery," "nutty" and
"complex." One page used the term "Chattanooga Beluga." By contrast, bowfin
caviar is typically described as "lively," "tangy," and "earthy."

  - Jan

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