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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Upcoming outing
From: Crail, Todd (farmertodd at
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 13:39:55 CDT

Klaus, Man... I hope you get to feeling better! I'm sorry it didn't work
out this time... But this certainly won't be the last time :)

Matt, no problem. It seems there was a bumper crop of variegates in 2003.
They're eveywhere at least in the Darby (at Fox or even all the way up at
Battelle Darby we were still finding them frequently). I'm sure Paint Creek
is the same story, the conditions couldn't have been much different, but
I'll be sure to grab you a couple. They're small, but man I can't believe
how fast they've colored up and are growing at home. Seems that anywhere
you have loose rubble in the glide portion of a riffle, and the water is
between 6 and 12 inches deep... We find at least the juvies. Some samples
would have twenty or twenty five... About 40 or 50 bandeds. Similar
habitat, different mouth position :)

The partioning on Fox Riffle is just NUTSO, as is the biomass within the
partition. If anything, this will be why you would want to see the Darby.
I'm hoping we see a very similar community on Paint Creek though. The Darby
downstream from Trautman's riffle has degraded just since I first visited it
a little over a year ago. The agriculture was tough on it... The sprawl of
Columbus will kill it unless they start metering storm water better.

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH

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> you guys have a lot of fun. If it were even two weeks
> later I would consider going and just taking pictures.
> I got out of the hospital Monday evening and I get
> the staples out next Tuesday. As weak as I am, I do
> believe I feel stronger than when I went into ER.
> Craig, are you going to look at sunfish creek for
> hellbenders?
> Klaus
> from the verdant shores of Mill Creek Drainage
> --- matt ashton <ashtonmj2003 at> wrote:

> > still really torn about saturday and what to do.
> > Couple interesting talks and big get togethers with
> > bio-alums, but I have been trying to get down there
> > for months now...I need to be bilocational...that
> > would be really sweet. Can I put out a fish request
> > too since I may not be down there the first day. I
> > REALLY want a few variegate darters. If the chance
> > of getting them is better on saturday than sunday I
> > would really appreciate it if someone could hold a
> > pair or 3.
> >

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