Re: NANFA-L-- Review of Suckers in North America

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Review of Suckers in North America
From: Peter Unmack (peter.lists at)
Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 20:18:13 CDT

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Bruce Stallsmith wrote:

> A recent issue of the journal Biological Conservation has a comprehensive,
> not-so-technical review of the conservation status of the suckers
> (Catostomidae) in North America. (Vol. 121, pp. 317-331, 2005) authored by
> Steven J. Cooke and 7 others. I'd be willing to send a .pdf copy by request,
> if you respond to me off-line.

While chasing after this one I noticed they have another article that may
be of interest to some. Here are the details. I can probably get a copy
if folks are interested in the whole thing. It is not published yet, but
is available in the in press section of Biological Conservation online.


The influence of rearing experience on the behaviour of an endangered
Mexican fish, Skiffia multipunctata

Jennifer L. Kelleya, Anne E. Magurranb and Constantino Maci4as-Garciac.

Reintroduction projects may fail because captive-reared animals do not
possess the behavioural skills required for survival in the wild. Rearing
captive-bred animals in semi-natural enclosures prior to release has been
used to improve the survival of reintroduced endangered species, but it is
unclear how rearing environment influences the development of behaviour.
This study examined the effect of rearing conditions on the behaviour of
the goodeid Skiffia multipunctata, an endangered species of Mexican fish.
Under standard laboratory conditions, the courtship, aggression, boldness
and foraging behaviour of fish raised in aquaria was compared to that of
fish reared in outdoor ponds. We present initial behavioural descriptions
for this species and show that laboratory-reared fish displayed increased
courtship, aggression and curiosity towards a novel predator in comparison
to their pond-reared counterparts. Laboratory-reared fish also commenced
foraging on a novel food item (Artemia) more rapidly than fish reared
outdoors. These findings suggest that captive rearing environments promote
the development of behavioural tendencies, such as boldness and
aggression, which could be detrimental to the survival of reintroduced

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